Make it Real

#112: Why Bother Networking. With Sharon Louca

April 7, 2022

Why bother networking? Are you an introvert or just feeling cynical about business networking? Do you have networking fear or don't know how to do that dreaded introduction pitch? Sharon Louca who is both a Management Consultant and the founder of the Women's Business Networking group has some very real tips.

If you are putting off business networking or if you have tried networking and given up - or if you are dutifully going to business networking events and coming away wondering what the point is... this episode will refresh your networking mojo!

In the podcast you will learn:

  • Some basic first networking steps
  • The surprising benefits of business networking
  • What lies behind the fear of networking
  • A realistic approach to your networking pitch
  • Why you need to explore rather than give up on networking!


Make It Real is the refreshingly real and really useful podcast for small business owners who are keen to learn from others but deliver with their own stamp and soul. This show, hosted by the forensic ‘unsquasher’ Trisha Lewis, will equip and inspire listeners to show up and share - with fearless joy. Described as being like ‘sitting down for a natter and a cuppa with a pal’ - Trisha’s enthusiasm, curiosity and easy on the ears voice will pull you in - and her ability to pick fascinating guests and get the very best out of them - inspiring! There is natural humour and plenty of lightbulb moments that ping in real time.

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