Make it Real

#118: 4 Pillars of LinkedIn. With Louise Brogan

May 26, 2022

LinkedIn for Small Business. How to build relationships and make sales authentically. Louise Brogan takes you through the 4 Pillars of Profile, Network, Content and Messaging.  

In the podcast you will learn:

  • How to be authentic and professional on LinkedIn
  • The analogy of 'meeting in a coffee queue'
  • Due dilligence on accepting invites
  • The unused power of messaging
  • The balance of personal and business content.

Make It Real is the refreshingly real and really useful podcast for small business owners who are keen to learn from others but deliver with their own stamp and soul.  This show, hosted by the forensic ‘unsquasher’ Trisha Lewis, will equip and inspire listeners to show up and share - with fearless joy. 


Described as being like ‘sitting down for a natter and a cuppa with a pal’ - Trisha’s enthusiasm, curiosity and easy on the ears voice will pull you in - and her ability to pick fascinating guests and get the very best out of them - inspiring! There is natural humour and plenty of lightbulb moments that ping in real time. 

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