Make it Real

#121: Be Brave with your Content Creation. With Anna Bravington

June 30, 2022

Show more personality in your content. Be brave about sharing your unique perspective on social media in blogs and articles. Take small steps with a supportive community around you - get real with that 'fear of rejection' that holds you back - and has you 'self-squashing' rather than showing up to share your insights, achievements and questions.

My guest Anna Bravington is the Co-founder of 'Those That Dare' - specialising n content strategy and written content across all digital platforms.

She makes it real.

Listen through to the end - the gems never stop!

I ask Anna my 2 'Make it Real' questions - 'What is the biggest myth in your arena?' 'What is one practical action listeners can take right now?' You will love the answers.

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